Monday, 31 May 2010

Thing 3 Just visible above the parapet

It’s a tricky thing to take the first steps and raise a head above the parapet. Words like exposure, vulnerability, and anxiety battle against confidence and self-esteem. Judging by how many times I’m deleting a half-constructed sentence I’m clearly worrying about what to say, wondering whether I have anything to say, and yet needing to say something! The challenge is how to say nothing in an engaging and stimulating way!

It doesn’t help at all when you see some blog posts that are witty and engaging and making extremely useful and challenging points. If you’re in that place, rest assured that you’ll not get much of that here. Just a few random musings – now and again. It’s possible I’ll get carried away once in awhile and even say something that is worthwhile but that’s hopefully forgivable and easily ignored.

Cam23 - what do I think so far? Well, I already use iGoogle quite a lot, not at work , but at home. It's too distracting at work even with all the 'important' feeds that I have there like the English Subject Centre and the English Faculty Library News (I am often the one that adds the news so not sure why I have that there). However I did give in today and put the penguins up...which means that I will either have to remove them or tell myslef that it really IS just for home and not work! I find the facebook gadget irritating, but the Google calendar gadget absolutely essential as my whole working and home life is mapped out through 4 shared calendars and a task list there (see another Thing for google calendars but rest assured my life could not happen without it)

My very worst problem on this will be time despite the fact that I thought this style of learning brilliant. It still requires some discipline.........