Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Thing 12 Yummy stuff making me grumpy

Well, 'Delicious'

I can see the point of being able to access my bookmarks from any computer etc etc but truth to tell I rarely move computers and if I do I don't generally need that particular set of bookmarks. But I fear that this makes me sounds like the proverbial 'grumpy old woman'. my defense........I clicked the link through to the Casimir Lewy Delicious page and was suitably awed and depressed, and went through one of those 'oh my goodness - we MUST DO THIS/head in hand scenarios' . But then I thought that I would pretend to be a Philosopher going to their website and be entranced by the information available to me via this tool. I was incredibly frustrated at how unobvious it seemed to be on the website and wondered idly how well-used it was. (Apologies I truly am becoming more and more grumpy - could be that I'm just hungry). Even the Green Library delicious page looks lovely -but again going from the front end of the website - absolutely NOTHING tells you where this wretched page is hiding! Either that or else i am just starving and should go and eat. So once again i ask myself - is it useful? is it helpful?

In summary:
Yes I do have a personal account, yes I have created a Library account, no I don't use it actively yet but am trying really hard to decide whether to pursue on behalf of the Library. I need to resolve access, promotion, location, resource searching, quality control, and buy-in from those who would maintain and use it.

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  1. Interesting that the Delicious links aren't obvious from the homepages of their institutions - I hadn't thought to check that! I get incredibly frustrated when I can't find links through from homepages to useful content (see recent mini-rant about conference info on the Libraries@Cambridge website). It's one thing if you know something is there - you can always resort to using the site search. But what about people who don't know what might be there!?

    Sorry - now I'm sounding grumpy, too...