Saturday, 14 August 2010

Thing 20 Google docs

Done it.......

Enjoyed playing with the drawing doc though find Microsoft Publisher/Word easier to manipulate just because I'm more used to the package.
Good being able to share doc though and very much like the ability to edit and keep track of the editing with all saving to the same space. Am unlikely to use it much at work as we have a shared work drive that everything gets stored on and it works pretty well at the moment. BUT useful to know about this in case things change!


  1. Oooh interesting idea, ResearchMeet! Have been following LIS Research stuff with great interest

  2. Time is always the problem isn't it?

    Libby, have you see the discussion on Andy's blog?

    I know you were very much part of setting up the CamTools site so wonder if you have anything to add about the CamTools take-up/usage and any further use of it as discussed there?