Monday, 12 March 2012


Working this vac on Shakespeare? Have a look at some of the specific resources the Faculty Library provides to help you:
The Faculty Library's subject guide is available online or in print in the Library and includes many print and electronic resources
The Renaissance subject guide provides broader resource choices for the period
DVDs of Shakespeare plays including several copies of the BBC Shakespeare series are available on the first floor of the Library
Useful ebooks for the Renaissance period - includes Shakespeare secondary crit.
Make sure that you have selected Style B in LibraryThing to view the comments field and the link to the ebooks.
Examples of ebooks available:
Shakespeare, Theory and Performance
Shakespeare’s political drama: the history plays and the Roman plays
Shakespeare's Festive Tragedy: The Ritual Foundations of Genre
Roman Shakespeare: Warriors, Wounds and Women (Feminist Readings of Shakespeare)
How To Do Things With Shakespeare: New Approaches, New Essays
Companion to Shakespeare's works: Volume I - IV
Digital Theatre have a number of Shakespeare productions available to view including Much Ado about Nothing with David Tennant and Catharine Tate. Login details available via Part 1 Paper 5 resources on the Library's CamTools site.
World Shakespeare Bibliography Online - subscribed for you to use on behalf of the Faculty Library.

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